Converting subtitles from SRT to InterOp D-Cinema XML file format

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Get your subtitles in the right format for screening in the theater. We can convert your SRT (UTF-8 encoding) subtitles to DCI compatible InterOp  XML format. InterOp compliant subtitles are based on the “Subtitle Specification for DLP Cinema Projection Technology” published by Texas Instruments. The default file extension is „.xml“. The XML root node is “DCSubtitle”.




Default XML settings:

  • ContentTitleText (Movie title): title
  • Language: en
  • EditRate: 24/1
  • TimeCodeRate: 24
  • Start Time: 00:00:00:00
  • Font: Arial (Arial.ttf)
  • Color: FFFFFFFF (White)
  • Effect: border
  • Size: 42

If you would like to change the default settings, please let us know when you place your order.

When you import an XML subtitle file into the DCP creation program, the font file «Arial.ttf» must be located in the same folder as the subtitle XML file. Download Arial font >

An InterOp compatible subtitle XML file will look like the following example:

InterOp XML Subtitle examlple



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