Convert video, audio and subtitles into DCP: the standard format required by cinemas across the world

DCP Mastering

Your movie or commercial is finished and now you need to show it in the movie theaters. We are here to help you take the final step on your path to becoming a viewer. With thousands of DCPs created, we convert your movie or commercial to full film standards so it can be shown in theaters. We are creating SMPTE compliant DCPs or J2K InterOp DCPs and make either 2k or 4k content ready for the distribution to a digital movie theater.

What We Do

✓ SMPTE and InterOp compliant DCP creation compatible 2K and 4K DCP
✓ Stereo, 5.1 and 7.1 Surround Audio packaging
✓ Mastering of the DCP in in 2K, 4K, 3D and HFR
✓ Conversion from DCP to any digital format
✓ Image encoding in DCI compliant JPEG2000 format
✓ Remastering of the DCP
✓ DCP decompression and decoding
✓ Production of subtitles for DCP in SMPTE and InterOp compatible format
✓ Content encryption and KDM playback key generation
✓ Duplication of the DCP
✓ Delivery of the DCP to theatres
✓ Change the content frame rate to 24 fps
✓ Conversion of any video file formats
✓ Change color space in X’Y’Z’ (DCI)
✓ Sound normalization according to SMPTE 428-2-2006
✓ Sound mixing in 5.1, 7.1 and Dolby Atmos formats
✓ Screening of the DCP in the cinema theaters

How to order conversion video to DCP?

1. Prepare your video source files according to our recommendations
2. Upload the source files to any file sharing resource by copying its link
3. Fill out the order form and pay for the order
4. Download the DCP over a secure Internet channel or ask us to burn it to your hard drive

Pricing and turnaround

Get a DCP within 6 hours for a price from 1 EUR/min + 30 EUR Setup Fee


Since 2005, we have been the official manufacturer of DCPs for film festivals, cinema chains and advertising agencies. We work daily with film studios, independent directors, producers and cinemas. We surround your film with care and attention! Whether it’s a short film for a festival or a blockbuster, a trailer or a commercial, you’ll receive the same top quality and attention from our experienced team. Check out our latest work in our gallery.