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HeyLED PLF: Taking Cinema to New Heights with Largest 20m LED Screen in Hangzhou


On January 12, 2024, Timewaying Technology Co. Ltd unveiled another world’s largest 20-meter 4K DCI LED cinema at ZheJiang Times Cinema at Hangzhou city of China.

As the investor of the location, Mr. DeShun Xun, Chairman of Zhejiang Times Cinema expressed his satisfaction with their various business ventures. Their flagship cinema, Zhejiang Times Cinema, West Lake Cultural Square Store, regained its title as the highest grossing cinema in the province after eight years. Mr. Xun believes that the addition of the HeyLED PLF auditorium at Zhejiang Times Cinema XiaoShan Kaiyuan Store will further boost box office revenue by leveraging its prime location and operational advantages.

Mr. Zhuo Zhihao, Sales Director of Timewaying, ignited a debate on consumer preferences, emphasizing the importance of consumer stratification over oversimplified downgrading. He urged cinemas to focus on technological advancements and innovative services to meet changing expectations and improve profitability. The HeyLED next-generation PLF (Premium Large Format) offers an immersive cinematic experience with its high contrast, high brightness, and high dynamic range (HDR), surpassing the limitations of traditional projection and reflection screening methods.

Zhejiang Times Cinema took a bold step by eliminating the traditional projection room and introducing 4 VIP private boxes to enhance the movie-going experience. This innovative approach not only upgrades the cinematic experience but also creates new opportunities for generating income.

HeyLED cinema have been successfully deployed in various Chinese cities and even made its mark in Los Angeles, USA. This widespread adoption and international expansion underscore the strong recognition of HeyLED’s cutting-edge technology and services.

About HeyLED
HeyLED Cinema Screen boasts a comprehensive range of intellectual property rights of core technologies like IMB/ICP and video systems. The unique HyeLED technology addresses the challenges of LED spot light emission, achieving a bright yet non-glaring and eye-friendly display. HeyLED cinema screen is available in four different size. Among them, the 4K-20m cinema screen is the world’s frist and largest LED cinema screen with DCI certified.


About Timewaying Tech Co., Ltd.
Founded in January 2011, has involved into the cinema industry for over a decade. With a commitment to the comprehensive advancement of the film and television culture industry, the company integrates technological innovation and cultural industry resources. It aims to provide audiences with top-tier cinematic experiences, significantly boost box office performance for theaters, and contribute to the enhancement of human well-being.

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