Ordenar DCP

Con DCP Maker, ahora puede crear DCP de una manera rápida y sencilla. Con DCP Maker, puede crear DCP estereoscópicos y encriptados.

Utilice nuestra práctica calculadora para averiguar el costo de convertir su video al formato DCP y hacer un pedido rápido. Después de verificar sus materiales de origen, le enviaremos una factura o un enlace para pagar el pedido.

Main settings

Select the type of DCP you would like to receive
Select the audio format in which you want to create a DCP
DCP encryption is used to prevent theft or copying of its contents (not recommended)
You can add the required number of subtitles Into DCP, in different languages, which will be added on the image during playback
The soundtrack volume of your source audio will be adjusted according to SMPTE 428-2-2006 to meet film screening standards
When converting to DCP, the default is to convert the source video’s color space from RGB to CIE X’Y’Z’ with a gamma of 2.6, but you can provide your own 3D LUT file
Select turnaround time
You can order a screening of the ready DCP in the theatre
By default, DCP can be downloaded from our server via the URL, but we can also burn DCP to a USB drive

Preparation of source content (options)

Adaptively removes video field interlacing artifacts from areas with motion, without blurring the stationary parts of the image.
Select this option if you are not sure if the theatre server supports DCP playback in frame rate other than 24 fps
The cost of DCP is calculated automatically based on the parameters you specify and is not a public offer. The final cost may be adjusted upon receipt and evaluation of your source materials.
DCP Cost (exl. VAT): EUR

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