Cinema Advertising

Cinema Advertising

What Is Cinema Advertising?

Cinema ads are short ads that play before the trailers and movie start. They roll while audiences are entering the movie theater, finding their seat, and getting settled in the theater.

Benefits of Cinema Advertising:

  • Unmatched ad environment – Large screen, HD image and surround sound
  • Exclusive pre-show Noovie · On-site lobby and digital opportunities
  • Engaged audience – no access to ad skipping devices
  • Association with blockbuster films
  • Higher recall, likeability and intent scores than other traditional media
  • Affordable rates; turn-key opportunities

Looking for help creating video ads for theaters to run in the pre-show?

To show the commercial on the big screen, you need to transfer it to the cinema in DCP format. DCP Maker provides services for the creation and conversion of commercials into DCP.

Our production department offers a high-quality cinema adaptation service, converting pre-existing and bespoke commercials to cinema ready digital cinema packages (DCPs) in a variety of formats

DCP Maker’s Production team works to the highest industry standards and is on hand to guide you through the conversion process.

Once a campaign is booked, our team runs detailed checks at every stage, from receipt of source assets through to the final cinema conversion, which will need to be approved by the creative team before distributing to sites in line with the campaign start date.

DCP Maker is currently running a fully digital Production service. Instead of in-person approval screenings, we will share a viewing copy created directly from the final cinema conversion with creative teams to play back, review and confirm we’ve received the correct assets.

We have upgraded the quality of this viewing copy as standard at no additional cost to clients so that it is much more representative of the final cinema picture quality.

If you have any questions or queries about technical assets or potential deliveries, please do not hesitate to get in touch.