DCP Maker Terms and Conditions of Service
Posted: 24.11.2015

This document is a translation of DCP Maker Terms and Conditions of Service in English. In case of conflict between the Russian version of DCP Maker Terms and Conditions and conditions of Service and this translation - only the Russian version of DCP Maker Terms and Conditions of Service is legally binding. The Russian version of DCP Maker Terms and Conditions of Service can be found here: (

1. General provisions
1.1. LLC "Timeline" ("Timeline") offers Internet user (“User”) to use the service «DCP Maker», available at: ("Service").
1.2. These DCP Maker Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) constitute a supplement to the service user agreement Timeline on how to use the Service. In all that is not provided for in these Terms, the relationship between the Timeline and the User in connection with the Service are governed by the Terms ( the Terms ( and Privacy Policy (, is the key to using the Service.
1.3. Starting to use the Service / some of its functions, the user deemed to have accepted these Terms and conditions of all of the above documents in full, without any reservations and exceptions. In case of disagreement with the provisions of the User of the said documents, the User shall not use the Service.
1.4. These Terms are subject to change Timeline without any prior notice, the amended terms will be effective from the date of its posting on the Internet at the specified address in this paragraph, unless otherwise provided in the new version of the Terms. The current version of the Terms is always on the page at: (
1.5. If the Timeline had made any changes to these Terms, in the manner prescribed by Sect. 1.4. These Terms, which the user does not agree, he must stop using the Service.

2. The terms used in these Terms and Conditions
2.1. Account - created on the website of the Service and owned Timeline user account, which is stored on the Service set of user data necessary for its identification (authentication) on the Service, and provide access to his personal data, settings, acquire additional capabilities, statistical indicators in the Service as well as other similar information.
2.2. User - a natural person or a representative of the Internet with the necessary legal capacity to enter into this Terms, which shall be entitled to use the services on the provisions provided for in these Terms and Conditions.
2.3. Paid service capabilities - Service software capabilities beyond the basic functionality of the Service, access rights to which the user gets a fee, the amount and modalities of which are determined in accordance with these Terms.
2.4. User Account - opens automatically when you create an account checking account that is used to pay for toll service capabilities.
2.5. DCP Credit - conventional unit, purchased by the User for the funds credited to the account of the User's Timeline and Timeline debited from the user's account in accordance with these Terms and intended for the acquisition of rights of access to paid service capabilities. DCP loans are used only in the accounting for, and in any case are not, and are, in any kind of currency or securities and other means of payment. Current value of the loan is established DCP Timeline unilaterally, can be changed at any time and is indicated on the page of the service on the Internet in the "Rates" at: or indicated in a different form.

3. Use of the Service. The individual functions of the Service
3.1. Timeline allows the user to use the Service for the files ("Files" or "Data") on the server disk space Timeline for storing files in the specified space, their transformation, edit, modify, delete, control access by third parties, of the to address other users access to data posted by another user, as well as in other ways that do not contradict the provisions of these Terms, and the documents to which they refer, and are applicable to user rights, including - international. Such rights are inalienable and non-transferable to third parties. User's use of these features is done using a web service interface.
3.2. The service offers users a special functionality to edit files using the program provided by Fraunhofer IIS ("Program"). User acknowledges and agrees that when using the specified functional process files, images, sound and information about them can be transferred to the equipment belonging to Fraunhofer IIS. at the time of editing.
3.3. Use of the Program is carried out using the account you created Timeline. The user is warned and agrees that his username (account name), as well as data fields "Name" and "Last Name", registering this login can be displayed and available for inspection to third parties when providing the user the right Sharing data, and when receiving the user's authority data sharing, as well as the direction of the user prompts and when accepting the invitation to third parties.

4. Free and paid service opportunities
4.1. Using special toll capabilities / features of the Service may, subject to the user pays according to the rules of these Terms. Using the standard features of the Service by the User for free.
4.2. If the user has previously used special Pay-service capabilities, I have decided not to pay a fee for their use, up to the moment the fee to use the Service in such a user performs a mode that allows for action, for the creation, conversion, download and delete files, the volume of processing which is sufficient funds in the user's account.
4.3. Information on the amount the board, how to make it and the period of use of special features of the service are available at, These details are part of these Conditions and apply to them the rules of para. 1.4. these Terms.
4.4. Adding to the board by the user in the order of payment. Service is to provide users with all the features and fully since providing user access to the special features of the service The paid. No other moment can not be treated as the time of execution Timeline commitments.
4.5. Access to the use of paid features of the service is considered to be provided by users at the time of transfer of funds to the user's account. Access to paid employment opportunities granted to the User for the term of these Terms, these Terms, or if the key document does not specify otherwise, and does not follow from the character of the toll service capabilities.
4.6. Timeline reserves the right to give users access to the special features of the service The paid prior to receipt of payment. In such a case deemed to have fulfilled Timeline all its obligations at the time of granting the user access to special features of the service The paid.
4.7. Use of the Service is possible only if you have access to the Internet. The User shall receive and pay such access under the conditions and according to the rules of your network operator or service provider to access the Internet.
4.8. As a general rule, the user identification is carried out according to his account. Timeline may use to identify the User other data, including - data on the person, pay a fee, in cases where such identification does not involve a violation of the parties' rights, the rights of third parties or violation of applicable law.
4.9. If the result of a technical error, a malfunction of the Service or the conscious actions of the User he obtained access to the paid features of the service without paying compensation in accordance with this Agreement, the order, the User agrees to notify the Timeline and pay Timeline cost of such paid service capabilities, if they were used User. Timeline may independently without notice to you and without any compensation from the Timeline to eliminate such consequences, including the possibility to remove such Pay Service to set up their Account.

5. Payments
5.1. Cash on the account of the user in the Service. Some possibilities Paid services can be paid from funds in the account of the user in the Service. Add Account in the Service may be by buying DCP credits for cash at any time and by any method of payment offered by users of the service at any given time. User Contributed funds will be immediately credited to the Account in the Service, the relevant Service User Account (if the user uses the Service voucher, transfer of funds occurs when using the voucher). List available for payment and payment systems and methods determined Timeline unilaterally and specified on the web pages of the Service or in any other form of e.
5.2. Inactive Account in the Service. If the user has a period of 180 days, never take advantage of the means (DCP credits) on the Account of the Service, including by means of the Service (DCP credits) allocated by the administrator User Service), Timeline deactivate this account. It does not apply to users to manage accounts. To enable the Service Account, click the link to activate the page "My Account" at Reactivate funds in the Account of the Service are non-refundable. If the user is in Japan and joined the Service User Account through the Website Service, the effect of this paragraph shall not apply to the User, and the validity of the Account, updating the User ends after 6 months from the date they are made. At the end of this period, user can not use the funds (DCP Loans) Account Service.
5.3. Other payment methods. Timeline does not guarantee the ability to pay for any services / functions using the funds in the account of the user in the Service. If the funds in the Account in the Service can not be used for the purchase of a service / function, Timeline will offer you another payment method. Timeline reserves the right in its sole discretion to change the accepted methods of payment.
5.4. Periodic payments. If the user gets paid feature of the Service subscription (for a month, 3 months yatsa or year (if applicable), the User acknowledges and agrees that the payments for a user-pay functions / services would be periodic and that they will be carried out in order in a way that the selected user, select the user through periodic intervals as long as the subscription paid this function / service is not canceled by the User or Timeline.
5.5. In certain cases, the operator of the payment system or a method of payment may be charged in excess of the commission fee timeline. User understands and hereby agrees that access to paid service capabilities when making payment through separate payment systems, payment methods, or it may be necessary to make a payment in the amount that is different from the established timeline.
5.6. The size of the board indicate the timeline on the web pages of the Service or to other resources, can be expressed in two or more different currencies. You understand and hereby agree that:
5.6.1. When paying through separate payment systems or methods of payment by the operator of such systems or methods of payment may be applied exchange rate, different from the one used by the Timeline;
5.6.2. As a consequence of paragraph 5.6.1., exposed to the user payment amount may be different from the amount specified Timeline.
5.7. Presentation of the user access to paid features of the service is carried out only if:
5.7.1. User commission payment is fully sufficient for the use of paid features of the service;
5.7.2. Presence on the user's account balance is sufficient for use of paid features of the service.
5.8. Before receiving confirmation of payment in full Timeline has the right not to provide the user the possibility of Paid Service, or to make them available to a limited extent, the Timeline established unilaterally.
5.9. The User is obliged to specify valid data when making payments. The user shall bear all the risks of negative impacts associated with the indication of incorrect data when making payments.
5.10. If the commission payment due to a clerical error, the user will have access to paid service capabilities in the volume does not correspond to the amount paid, but immediately User is obliged to inform the Timeline. Timeline make all necessary efforts to ensure that grant users access to paid service capabilities in the amount paid by the User.
5.11. For questions about the rules and procedure for the use of payment systems and payment methods the user must apply directly to the operator to select their payment systems and payment methods. Exceptionally subject to availability Timeline User can advise on specific issues related to the use of certain methods and means of payment. However, the User hereby accepts and agrees to the fact that most of Timeline is unable to provide the user with comprehensive explanations on the use of certain payment systems and payment methods. Regarding refund erroneously paid in cash and the money paid by User violations of the rules established by their chosen payment systems or methods of payment, as well as the rules of the relevant legislation, Users need to directly access the relevant system operators and payment methods.

6. Refunds
6.1. If the user has purchased a paid feature / service directly from the Timeline, the user has the right to return the paid feature / service in the Timeline within fifteen (15) days (the "period of reflection"), provided that the user has not used a paid feature / service in any method, in which case the period of reflection will be canceled and the purchase of the user already can not be canceled and the amount paid by the User - refundable.
6.2. If payment is made with a credit card, the refund is carried out by the same bank card with which payment is made. Refunds to the card is carried out in the period from 15 to 30 business days, depending on the bank, which was released on the bank card.
6.3. Cash will not be returned if:
6.3.1. Paid features / services are not purchased directly through the website of the Service (such as the purchase was made using a prepaid card or voucher);
6.3.2. Paid features / services were paid for in cash using payment methods of third parties (for example, through a system of cash payment);
6.3.3. Paid features / services have been paid, or scroll to the user account in the Service Administrator Service, Timeline or other users of the service;
6.3.4. If they find that Timeline took users to pay for the error, the user should contact the Timeline within ninety (90) days from the date of the contested payment. Claims for refund are not considered at the end of ninety (90) days from the day of such charge;
6.4. Timeline reserves the right to reject an application for a refund if there is reason to believe that:
6.4.1. The user attempts to unfairly use the refund rules, for example on several occasions applied for a refund of funds for the same service / feature;
6.4.2. User violates these Terms;
6.4.3. According to the information available to the Timeline, the user uses the functions / services, or Timeline Software for fraudulent purposes, or that the user account used him person for fraudulent purposes.

7. Bonus funds
7.1. For a variety of actions on the Service, Timeline reserves the right to accrue bonus money to the user's account in the form of gift or bonus DCP loans (hereinafter - the "Bonus funds").
7.2. Bonus funds may only be used by users to pay for paid services of the Service list, scope and duration of which, Timeline set unilaterally.
7.3. The period of time during which, the User agrees to use the bonus funds set Timeline and, if not stated separately, is Thirty (30) days from the date they were earned at the expense of users.
7.4. All accrued and unused bonus funds can be withdrawn at any time Timeline unilaterally, unless otherwise agreed separately with next cases:
7.4.1. Rescission User Agreement between the User and the Timeline;
7.4.2. In case of failure conditions for obtaining the User's bonus funds;
7.4.3. Termination of the registration of the User and / or remove user accounts;
7.4.4. At the end of thirty (30) from the time of their accrual;
7.4.5. User violates the Terms of Service, the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy.
7.4.6. Changes in the Timeline conditions of bonus funds.
7.5. Services Service received User for Bonus funds are not included in the calculation of the additional bonus funds accrued to the user as a consideration for the use of the Service.
7.6. Bonus funds will be void in case of return of service users of the Service, Bonus funds received for previously accrued on the account of the User.
7.7. The payment of the taxes and other obligations associated with the receipt and use of bonus funds is the responsibility of the User.

8. Restrictions on use of the Service
8.1. The user determines how to use the service, and is responsible for its use. The user is responsible for the compliance of the content of any site users file with applicable laws, including international law, including third-party liability in cases where the location of the user file violates the rights and legitimate interests of third parties.
8.2. By using the Service User is obliged to refrain from placing such data and from committing such acts, and a placement of which is prohibited by the Terms of Use of services Timeline.
8.3. Timeline has the right to block access to files uploaded by users, or remove them, as well as the right to transfer to a third party user information obtained in the course of the Service in the following cases:
8.3.1. If the regulation imposes a duty on the Timeline to implement such actions;
8.3.2. If the Timeline has received from a third party claim, complaint, request, demand or any other statement from which it follows that the placement of the file resulted in a violation of the rights of a third party or violate applicable law;
8.3.3. If the file location endangers performance of the Service;
8.3.4. If the Timeline has received judicial act or an act of law enforcement authority rests with the Timeline obligation to implement such actions;
8.4. Timeline reserves the right to limit access to the Service (or certain features of the Service, if it is technologically possible) using his or her account or block the User's account in case of repeated violation of these Terms or the documents to which they refer.
8.5. Timeline reserves the right to establish any rules, limits and constraints (technical, legal, institutional or otherwise) on the use of the Service, and can change them at its own discretion, without prior notice. In cases where it is not prohibited by law, these rules, limits and restrictions may be different for different categories of users.
8.6. The user is not entitled to consideration or free to transfer its rights and / or obligations to third parties.

9. Dissemination of data
9.1. Service does not allow the user to distribute data by providing a general file access (access to files in several specific users of the Service), or by providing public access to the file (providing access to the file to any Internet users who know the address of the file as a link).
9.2. Using the capabilities of the Service User is obliged to act in good faith and refrain from abuse of service functions. User including undertakes to refrain from organizing mass file sharing using the service functions. Timeline has the right to apply the rules, limits and restrictions for the prevention, restriction and suppression of mass file sharing on the rules of Sec. 4.4. of These Terms.

10. Responsibility
10.1. Timeline will take all reasonable steps and carry out all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of user data and maintaining the health of the Service. The user is aware of the possibility of technical failure or malfunction of the Service and agrees that the Timeline is not technically possible to predict their occurrence, notify the user about in advance, or to completely eliminate the possibility of their occurrence. The occurrence of such malfunction or failure, regardless of the causes and consequences can not be the basis for the application of measures of responsibility to the Timeline.
10.2. Timeline is not obliged to exercise moderation, viewing, editing, site users within the Service, control over them and can not guarantee that created or posted by users of the Service within the files do not violate the provisions of these Terms, legal acts and other documents. User acknowledges and agrees that the Timeline is not required to view any kind of data to be placed and / or distributed through the Service. User acknowledges and agrees that he should independently assess all risks associated with the use of capabilities of the service, the data received or posted on the Site, including the assessment of reliability, completeness, safety, legality or usefulness of these data.
10.3. Any data obtained by using the Service, the user uses at your own risk and is solely responsible for the consequences of use of this data, including for the damage that it can cause your computer or other devices to the user or third parties for loss of data, violation of rights or any other damage. Timeline is not responsible for any kind of loss resulting from the use or inability to use the Service users or parts / features, including because of possible errors or malfunctions, accept as otherwise expressly provided by law.
10.4. Regardless of the location of the User or its equipment, all relations connected with the use of the Service is subject to the applicable law of the Russian Federation, and any claims or lawsuits arising out of use of the Service must be filed and considered by the court at the location of the Timeline.
10.5. Timeline can provide users with the translation of these Terms from Russian into other languages, but in case of conflict between the version of the Terms in Russian and its translation; legal force is the Russian version.
10.6. Any questions, complaints and appeals related to the use / inability to use the Service, as well as a possible violation of law and / or the rights of third parties, should be submitted through our feedback form at


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