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Posted: 24.11.2015

This document is a translation DCP Maker Privacy Policy in English. In case of conflict between the Russian version of DCP Maker Privacy Policy and this translation - only the Russian version of DCP Maker Privacy Policy is legally binding. The Russian version of DCP Maker Privacy Policy can be found here:

Privacy Policy personal information (“Policy”) applies to all the information of Timeline LLC and / or its affiliates, including all persons belonging to the same group with Timeline LLC (“Timeline”), can get the User while using them to any of the sites, services, services, programs, products or services of the Timeline (“Services, “Timeline Services”), and in the course of the Timeline of any agreements and contracts with users. The user's consent with the policy expressed by them in the framework of relations with one of the listed persons, applies to all other listed persons.

Using Timeline Services indicates your acceptance of the User with this Policy and its terms and conditions specified in the processing of his personal data; in case of disagreement with these conditions the user must refrain from using the Services, and to leave this Website.

1. Personal information of the user who handles Timeline
1.1. As part of this Policy under the "user information" means:
1.1.1. The personal information that users provide about themselves on their own when registering (creating an account) or during the use of the Services, including the user's personal data. Required to provide Information is marked in a special way. Other information provided to the user at his discretion.
1.1.2. The data are automatically transferred to the Timeline Services at the process of their use with the help of the machine's software users, including IP-address, data files, cookie, information about Browser User (or other program, with help where carried out access to Service), tech characteristics of the equipment and software used by the user, date and time of access to the service, the address of the requested page, and other similar information.
1.1.3. Other information about the user, the processing is provided by the terms of use of certain IP Timeline Services.
1.2. This Policy applies only to information processed in the course of using the Timeline Services. Timeline not controls and not bears responsibility behind treatment information sites Third persons on that IP Household users can go to links available on the websites of the Timeline.
1.3. Timeline does not verify the accuracy of personal information provided by users, and is unable to assess its viability. However, Timeline is based on the fact that the user provides valid and sufficient personal information and keeps this information up to date. The consequences of inaccurate or incomplete information are defined in the User Agreement Timeline Services (

2. The objectives of processing personal information Users
2.1. Timeline collects and stores only the personal information, which required to of Services or execution of contracts and agreements with the User, except in cases where the legislation provides for the mandatory storage of personal information for a specified period of law.
2.2. Users' personal information Timeline handles the following purposes:
2.2.1. Identification of the parties within the service, contracts and agreements with the Timeline;
2.2.2. Provide users with personalized service and execution of agreements and contracts;
2.2.3. Communication with the user, including sending notifications, requests and information concerning the use of the Services, execution of agreements and contracts, as well as the processing of queries and requests from users;
2.2.4. Improving the quality of service, ease of use, the development of new services;
2.2.5. Conducting statistical and other research on basis depersonalized data.

3. The processing conditions users' personal information and its transfer to third parties
3.1. Timeline stores personal information Users at accordance from internal regulations specific services.
3.2. With regard to user information to keep it confidential, except in cases of voluntary information you provide about yourself to share to the public. If you use a separate service, the user agrees that a certain part of his personal information becomes public.
3.3. Timeline is entitled to transmit personal information User third persons at next cases:
3.3.1. The user has agreed to such actions;
3.3.2. The transfer is necessary for the use of a particular Service User or for the performance of a specific agreement or contract with the user;
3.3.3. Transmission is provided by Russian or other applicable legislation in the framework of the statutory procedures;
3.3.4. In order to ensure protection of the rights and legitimate interests of the Timeline or third parties in cases where the user violates the Terms of Timeline Service (, this Policy, any document containing conditions of use of a particular service;
3.3.5. The processing of users' personal information by its depersonalization received anonymous statistical data transferred to a third party for research, works or services on behalf of the Timeline.
3.4. In processing the personal data of users Timeline guided Federal law RF "ABOUT personal Data. "

4. Change or delete a personal deformations of inf. Required storage
4.1. The user can at any time change (update, supplement) giving them personal information or part of it, using the editing function of personal data to user accounts, or at personal section corresponding Service.
4.2. The user can also delete them provided within specific account personal information, use the "Delete Account". This may result in account deletion inability utilization some Timeline Services.
4.3. The rights provided by paragraphs. 4.1. And 4.2. Of this Politicians can be limited at accordance from requirements legislation. In Specifically, such restrictions can provide duty Time Line save modified or remote User information on deadline set legislation, and transmit such information at accordance from legally fixed procedure State body.

5. Processing of personal data in the help files Cookie and Counters
5.1. Cookie, just passed Timeline equipment User and equipment User Timeline can used Timeline to of User Services functions for Targeting advertising that shows The user, in statistical and research purposes, and also to improvements Timeline Services.
5.2. User acknowledges that the hardware and software used by him to visit sites on the Internet can have Function the prohibiting operations with files cookie (for any sites or to certain sites), and also remove earlier Received files cookie.
5.3. Timeline may provide that the provision of certain services is possible only under the condition that the reception and receive a cookie Allow users.
5.4. The file structure cookie, it contents and technical options determined Timeline and can change without preliminary notification User.
5.5. Meters and other instruments placed in the Timeline of service, can be used to analyze the user's cookie, for collecting and processing statistical information on the use of the Services, as well as to ensure the health service as a whole or their individual functions in particular. Technical parameters of the instruments and counters defined Timeline and are subject to change without prior notice.

6. Measures taken to protect users' personal information
6.1. Timeline takes necessary and sufficient organizational and technical measures to protect users' personal information against unauthorized or accidental access, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, distribution, and other illegal actions of third parties with her.

7. Change majoring us Privacy Policy. Applicable law
7.1. Timeline It has right introduced changes at real Policy of Privacy. When Making changes at topical edition indicated date last upgrade. The new edition Politicians enters at force from moment her accommodation, unless otherwise provided in the new version of the Policy. The current version is always available on the page at
7.2. This Policy and the relationship between users and the Timeline, arising from the application of the Privacy Policy shall be subject to the applicable law of the Russian Federation.

8. Feedback. Questions and offers
8.1. Any suggestions or questions about this Policy User The right to send Customer Support Timeline across shape disposed by address


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