The cost of the services is estimated in DCP Credits. When you create a project, DCP Maker calculates the cost of services and defines it in an appropriate amount of DCP Credits, which you can buy at any time.

The final cost of the service depends on the length of the source video (quantity of frames), resolution of the source image, settings of the project and the selected rate.

For calculate the cost of service, you can use special CALCULATOR.

You can significantly reduce the cost of service and get additional discount, having bought a DCP Bundle.

After creating a user account, you will be able to create a DCP for free, receive from us 500 DCP Credits.

Your purchased DCP Credits remains for an unlimited period.


You will get discount automatically, when you buy DCP Credits Bundle. The size of the discount of the estimated cost of creating a DCP depends on the purchased DCP Credits Bundle.

For the best prices, you should buy the necessary amount of the DCP Credits before creating of your DCP. However, unused DCP Credits cannot be changed for cash.

Discount DCP Bundle Quantity of minutes
(With 24 fps)
10%1 500 DCP Credits1
20%2 500 DCP Credits2
30%7 500 DCP Credits5
40%15 000 DCP Credits10
50%30 000 DCP Credits21
60%60 000 DCP Credits42
70%150 000 DCP Credits104
80%240 000 DCP Credits167
90%360 000 DCP Credits250


To take full advantage of unparalleled service and speed up the creation of the DCP, before you start creating a DCP, you can select one of the submitted rates:

DCP Credit Х 1
Economy Rate - Your DCP project is put in the end of the queue
The optimal choice for cost-effective creation of DCP. Time waiting for the establishment of the project depends on load of the DCP Maker
DCP Credit Х 3
Business Rate - Your DCP project is put in the middle of the queue
You can choose this rate to reduce waiting time in the queue. The golden mean between the priority and economy!
DCP Credit Х 7
Premium Rate - Your DCP project will start without waiting in the queue
Creating DCP at this rate always start earlier than creating a DCP for the economy or business rates.
The sequence of work and the amount of resources available to perform the work, the DCP Maker determined automatically. You can use any rate, as well as to change one rate to another rate, before the creation of the DCP. Time to create DCP project uploading and downloading of files, payment, waiting in line, finding technical and commercial details not include in the estimated time of the creation DCP.
When very high load DCP Maker situation is likely to occur, queue of projects which should be started without waiting.


Service is in test mode, some functions and features may not be available.
All comments or questions please send in support. Thank you for understanding!