DCP Maker does all the work very fast and saving your money

  • Optimizes your images (crop, scale and padding to adjust the image aspect ratio) in the selected DCI-compliance format
  • Encode images files to DCI-compliant JPEG2000 format
  • Will create a DCI-compliant MXF-package consisting of video and audio files
  • It will create archived DCP, after unzipping ready to play through the DCP server at the cinema
  • Depending on workload of our servers and duration of your content, you can get a DCP in less than 20 minutes

Created DCP is available for download via the web user interface or FTP within 10 days from the date of the creation of DCP. After downloading  DCP will be automatically deleted from our servers after 7 days.

  • DCP Maker work on any computers equipped with Chrome, IE, Safari, Firefox web browsers
  • Mastering content at the DCI maximum bit rate of 250Mb/s
  • JPEG2000 Interop and SMPTE Packages
  • Supported file formats for upload: J2C, TIFF, DPX, JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF , MOV, MP4
  • Support image formats: 2K, 4K (Flat and Scope)
  • Support audio formats: Stereo (L+R), 5.1 (16bit, 24bit WAV)
  • Can upload as a multi-channel audio, as well as separated mono files
  • Automatic encoding to JPEG2000
  • Frame rate: 24 and 25 fps
  • Flexible Color Space Conversion to X’Y’Z’

What's New in the next versions?

  • Accepts 3D and 1D Lookup Tables (LUTs)
  • Encryption DCP
  • Accepts subtitles in various formats
  • Converts Interop subtitles to SMPTE subtitles
  • Support for Dolby Atmos Immersive Sound
  • Import DCPs along with their DKDMs
  • Bulk KDM generation and DKDM support
  • Frame rate: 30, 48, 50, 60 fps .


Service is in test mode, some functions and features may not be available.
All comments or questions please send in support. Thank you for understanding!