What are the system requirements for DCP Maker?
To get up and running with DCP Maker, you'll need:
  • An internet connection (broadband is best)
  • Any Computer (Mac or PC)
  • Any latest version of one of the web browsers (Chrome, Safari, Yandex or IE)

You can work with DCP Maker in any modern browsers, including mobile. Several functions may not work in older browsers or browsers that are not listed in the list.

What features offers DCP Maker?

DCP Maker is constantly improving, expanding, saving your time and money by allowing creative people to focus on making movies, taking on routine operations.

DCP (Digital Cinema Package) Creation
DCP Maker makes it easy, quick and simple to create DCDM (Digital Cinema Distribution Master), which intended for show in movie theaters and fully meets the requirements of DCI.

DCP Maker automatically creates a digital cinema package 2K or 4K DCP, SMPTE or Interop, including the support of innovative 16-channel audio formats, for example Dolby Atmos, competitive with all the modern digital cinema theaters in a few simple steps.

Should I install DCP Maker to my computer?

DCP Maker full cloud service, and to work with DCP Maker is not required to install any additional software to you computer.

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Service is in test mode, some functions and features may not be available.
All comments or questions please send in support. Thank you for understanding!