With the DCP Maker, DCP building has never been more simple


DCP Maker - unique flexible, fast and powerful online tools to create and work with professional DCI-compliance Digital Cinema Package (DCP), which can then be played on Digital Cinema servers.

DCP Maker Service - is very easy and simple online tools for creating and processing of the DCP (Digital Cinema Package) intended to display in the modern digital cinemas, which is ideal for users of any level. DCP Maker is easy to use, equipped with a simple Web interface and allows you to create, encode, store and retrieve DCP from anywhere on the network.

DCP Maker Service is high quality solution for low budget creating a DCP, like commercials, trailers, and short films for mastering and for the movie pictures and another theatrical content.

DCP Maker automatically creates a digital cinema package 2K or 4K DCP, SMPTE or Interop, including the support of innovative 16-channel audio formats, for example Dolby Atmos, competitive with all the modern digital cinema theaters in a few simple steps.

DCP Maker is so powerful that it allows you to quickly process large amounts of data and encode DCI-compatible image format JPEG2000, usually require more resources.

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